Summer 2015 Highlights

Is it just me or did this summer just fly by? I'm sort of shocked (and slightly depressed) that it's August already. It was also a pretty chilly and rainy summer for Colorado so that didn't help summer seem any longer. I'm sort of  really ready for a warmer climate than Colorado. Despite the rain and clouds, it was a great summer- highlights are below! 

I always considered my birthday (May 28th) to be the official start of summer for me. After spending the past couple years in a class for my nurse boards and then working, this year's simple birthday that launched me to my mid-twenties was so wonderful.



After two years in school (AFTER his 4 years of undergraduate), the boy behind the blog graduated from his radiology technologist program. I'm proud of him and so excited that we're both out of school at the same time!


You can't really live in Colorado without camping in the summer. Well, you can, but it wouldn't actually be living. We did one trip with my family, one trip with our best couple friends, and I did a quick trip with a girl friend. 

Can I just say campfires are mountains are my jam? I wasn't a huge fan of how rainy our trips were, but the company was great, and I discovered THE.BEST.CAMPING.RECIPE.EVER. It's peach cobbler that you bake in a cast iron skillet over the fire- tell me that picture below doesn't just make you drool. 


It's become a tradition with my husband's family to go to Phoenix each year to have a true vacation where you rest and rejuvenate. I read, ate In n Out, took naps, and played spades for an entire week. And it was glorious. If you've never taken a vacation just to relax, you're seriously missing out; try it sometime. 

I returned to Arizona in early August for my best friend's bridal shower and bachelorette party. My friend has lived in Tucson, AZ since 2009 and I had never been. So besides the wedding festivities, it was great to see where she had spent the last several years. 


We get season passes to our local water park and we made it well worth it this year. We had date days, brought friends, and most recently brought my brother and his girlfriend. 

All seasons are a time to be together, but summer gives us a little extra breathing room to gather with those we love. Alex being done with school meant that we had a lot more days off together. There's nothing I love more than being around family, and these past couple of months have given us time to be with them.

{Pictures from my brother and girlfriend's recent visit}

How about you? What have been some highlights of your summer? 

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