A Teal Bridal Shower: Games & Door Prizes

In my last post, I talked about the menu and decorations for my teal themed bridal shower. This post is dedicated to explaining the games that we played. We played a lot of games and the shower landed up being longer than I had planned. I would recommend a couple less games than we played, especially if you have more people (we had about 20), and/or a lot of gifts to open.


Guess a Memory
I had guests write memory on a 3x5 card as they walked in. We started off the shower by having the bride go through the cards, read them out loud, and guess each memory. The memories are usually not hard to guess, but it's a good way for everyone to get to know each other and get introduced. I would skip this game if you have more than 20 people because it can take awhile. 

Toilet Paper Bridal Gown 
This is a classic game where you divide up into teams and have each team make a wedding dress out of toilet paper. I gave each team 10 minutes which landed up being too long- 8 minutes was about perfect. At the end of creating their dresses, each team had to model their dress and the bride chose her favorite. This is one of my personal favorite games because it's silly, gets everyone moving, and breaks the ice a little bit.

And the Bride Wore
In this game, you write down a series of questions about the bride's outfit and at some point you ask her to step out of the room. I passed out the questions and, without her in the room, I had the guests answer a variety of questions about her outfit. The person with the most correct answers wins. I found the original idea for this game here .

Not to Burst Your Bubble (Gum)
This game is for the bride only and was probably one of the two crowd favorites. For this game, I compiled a list of questions that I sent to the groom in advance and had him answer. Questions included who is his celebrity crush, where would he love to go on vacation, and what is his favorite thing in his wardrobe. I then asked the bride the same set of questions and for each question she got wrong, she had to put a piece of bubblegum in her mouth (you can also do marshmallows instead of bubblegum). My one word of advice on this game is to make sure your questions are hard enough! My bride knows her groom really well- obviously a good thing for real life but not so good for the game. I panicked towards the beginning because she was breezing through all my questions! Out of 21 questions, she only missed 6 which is pretty remarkable; I think I would have missed more than 6 had I been asked the same questions about my husband. I got the idea for this game here.

Love Bingo
This was the definite crowd pleaser and probably my favorite game that I've ever played at a wedding shower. I got the original idea over at The Lady Okie Blog (thanks Amanda!) I will say that this game is super time consuming to make (my mom made most of it for me), but it's reusable and totally worth the time. You create bingo cards by creating squares and randomly labeling each square 1-16. You then compile 16 questions that you can ask the bride and groom (you ask them the same set of questions). Some examples included, who's your favorite athlete, chocolate or vanilla, if you could go anywhere in the world on vacation where would you go?

Each of these questions is labeled with a number 1-16 and put into a bowl where you'll draw out each question individually. The other part of the game you have to make is your guessing sticks. I chose to create "bride" and "groom" sticks so that I can use this game again in the future. You'll need a bride/groom set for each bingo card that you make.

To play the game, you hand each guest a bingo card with markers (you can use candy- I used smarties), and a bride/groom guessing stick. You draw out a question that is numbered, read the number, and read the question. For example, I drew out question seven. I would say that this is question number seven and read, "this person's celebrity crush is Channing Tatum". The guests would then hold up their guessing stick as to whether they thought the bride or groom's celebrity crush was Channing Tatum. This is so fun because you get to see what everyone else guessed. In this case, the bride's celebrity crush was Channing Tatum so everyone who guessed bride would get to put a marker on number seven. You win the game by getting four in a row either diagonally, horizontally, or vertically. Depending on how well your guests know the bride and groom, there were about three winners in this bingo game.

**NOTE: On a few of the questions the bride and groom had the same answer. For these, we said that you had to put both of the bride and groom guessing sticks up to get it right. To make it a little easier, answers that say both can be considered a "freebie" if you consider either stick correct.


Considering the amount of games (and prizes) we had, we chose not to do favors. We instead had prizes for each of the games and instituted a one gift maximum. If you're on a budget, I would suggest looking around your own house for things that could be used as door prizes. We landed up not having to buy a single door prize because we had enough things that were unopened that worked great. 

Door prize ideas:

I would try to keep your door prizes about equal in value so no one feels like they got shorted in their gift. If you do have some bigger door prizes than others, I would assign them to the winner of a more difficult game. 


All in all, the shower was a success- everyone landed up with a prize and had a blast playing the games. If you need more inspiration or want to see all the pins from this post and the last one, head over to my winning wedding showers Pinterest board

What other games would you suggest for a bridal shower? Would you do door prizes and favors or just one or the other? 

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