Project 12: May

{I worked Memorial Day so Alex came and had lunch with me at the hospital}

Our month of May was super busy, and from the sounds of it, everyone else's was too! May is my favorite month of the year, and even though the near-daily rain was not my favorite, I must say May 2015 was still a success.


1. The Old Spaghetti Factory. This is probably one of our all time favorite restaurants and we have a hard time trying new places because this place always wins out. They have an old train caboose inside the restaurant and for the first time ever we got to sit in it! We also chose to tip our waiter more than the price of our meal as part of our goal for the year. I definitely don't say this to toot my own horn but rather to encourage you guys to do this next time you go out. It's probably one of my favorite things to do- I kind of feel like I spy when I do it, and it is so fun to secretly bless. Do it next time you go out, you'll be glad you did :)

{It was basically pouring as we took this = bad picture quality}

2. Thunder Valley National (Motocross Race). My hubby loves motocross, and since I've met him I've made an effort to get into it as well. Thunder Valley is a yearly dirtbike race that's part of a national series, and the track happens to be a half an hour away from our house. We were lucky enough to get FREE tickets this year, and I went for my first time ever (Alex had been before). It was really cool to see the races so close up and it was a lovely day to spend outside in the sunshine.

{Notice the rude dirtbiker photobombing us in the background}

3. Water World. This is our local water park and we decided it would be worth it to get season tickets this year. It's a really fun way to spend time with family, spend time in the sun, and the tickets pay themselves off after four times. Our first day this season was May 31st and, though it was a bit chilly, it was relaxing and great to officially kick off our summer! 

{If that pasty white skin doesn't indicate beginning of summer in Colorado, I don't know what does}


1. Those places where you paint and drink are super fun! A good friend from work invited me to go to a place called Canvas and Cocktails. I was intimidated by the thought of royally messing up my painting at some point throughout the night, but I'm actually impressed with how it turned out! We had a great time chatting, and I would totally recommend this for a girls night or date night if you haven't tried it already! 

{We're both named Sarah, and we're the dynamic duo at work. Along with the
 seven million other Sarahs that work on our floor.}

{The painting that we did that night. I love the brightness of it and it's perfect for summer!}

2. Shopping at Babies R Us is fun and gives me baby fever.... for about 3.7 seconds and then I panic as I realize that I don't know what half the stuff is, and then I basically can't get out of there fast enough. 


You guys, I didn't finish a single book in June. I'm slowly working my way through one that is awesome, and I'm only a chapter away from finishing it but I'll talk about it in next month's recap since this post is already long enough. 


This month, I went to more movies than I usually attend in a six month period. It's not normal and please don't judge me. 

Aloha. We watched this on my birthday. It has a lot of famous people and a story line that could have been well done... but it was a big flop. It was a super slow movie, hard to follow, and soooo not worth the money. Alex fell asleep during it. Don't waste your time. 

San Andreas. This movie shaved two years off of my life because I was so stressed for two hours, and my heart was beating a mile a minute the entire time. It was a great movie that kept me on the edge of my seat, but if you're looking for something mellow, this isn't it. 

Pitch Perfect 2. This one was super fun and Alex and I both enjoyed it. Alex liked the first one better and I thought they were about the same. I think the story line in the first movie is better but the singing in the second one definitely wins out. 


1. My youngest brother made it to the regional playoffs for college lacrosse. My parents came up for the weekend and we had an absolute blast. His team won in the first round in double overtime. I don't think I've mentioned it before on my blog, but I love overtime. If a sport doesn't have overtime, it's not a sport worth watching. I am always in the mood for overtime, and  I may or may not have lost my voice I was yelling so loud.

{I swear I told everyone to do a funny face in this picture}

2. My other brother came home after being gone for almost six months. His travels had most recently taken him to Nepal (which you can read about here), and I am so thankful to have him home. 

Three days after he got back on US soil, he graduated college and I couldn't have been prouder. 
{The fam bam}

3. I got to surprise one of my best friends at her bridal shower, and watch one of my childhood friends get married all in the same day. 

{This girl is gettin hitched soon!}

4. It was my 24th birthday and it rocked. I wrote a separate post that is coming up later this week because I love birthdays as much as I love overtime. Stay tuned. 


Miles run: 9. Basically I shouldn't keep including this statistic anymore because if I don't have a race to train for, I'm not a consistent runner. My June tally is currently 0 miles in case you're wondering. 

New recipes tried: 1. One is lame, I know, but this quinoa enchilada casserole was easy and totally delish. Try it. 

Number of proud sister moments: 1,345,765Regional playoffs as a freshman for one brother, and college graduation as a freshman (just kidding) for the other brother, I mean c'mon, how could I not be proud? 

What was your favorite part of May? Have you ever tried those painting and wine places? 

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  1. i think SC needs a spaghetti factory!! & those "design with wine" places are always so much fun! i am going to add that quinoa enchilada casserole to my list of recipes to try in June! looks so yum!! and i agree... may is my favorite month too!!

  2. I love that you are tipping more than the price of your meal! That is such a great idea.

  3. I love your painting! It turned out awesome :) We were gifted a night at one of those type places, but haven't been yet. Looks like you had an amazing May! So happy for all the wonderful and exciting moments for you!

  4. Thanks! You should definitely use that gift card soon, it is SO fun!

  5. Thanks Christine, it is so fun to do! Makes you feel like a secret Santa or something :)

  6. SC definitely needs an old spaghetti factory! Have you ever been to one?? And let me know what you think of the enchilada recipe! :)

  7. I love your painting! I've never been to one of those, but I would love to go. Lots of stuff happened for you guys in May. I think it's just that busy time of year for a lot of people!

  8. Your painting is amazing!!! :)

  9. the painting place near us is called "painting with a twist" and i had no idea they were a thing besides in the small suburb next to us! and what a full month!!! i'm so jealous of your waterpark season passes. we get pool passes to the local pool, but that just doesn't have the same excitement level as a WATERPARK. :) and PITCH PERFECT 2! YES!!

  10. Your painting is super duper cute and pretty and cheery! Im glad you got to try one of those places out. I've heard they are really fun.

    Pitch perfect 2! I'm going to keep my eye out for that on the streets in Asia! I loved the 1st one and am excited to see the second one.

    yay for your brothers graduating and playing lacrosse. Family is a huge blessing and I'm glad you get to go to family events. Summer sounds fun! I like seeing Colorado in the background of your pictures. That state is just so fun!

  11. I hope you can snag a copy of Pitch Perfect 2 for sure! It was really fun, I bet you would enjoy it a lot. Family is a huge blessing and Colorado is the best... especially in the summertime :)


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