Five Goals for Fall: A Recap

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Back in October, I wrote a post discussing my five goals for fall. With Christmas less than a week away (how did that even happen?) I decided it was no longer fall anymore and it was time to examine how I did with my goals. 

1. Start working on our wedding scrapbook. 
I bought materials from Hobby Lobby. They now sit in the corner waiting to be used. Does that count? I'm hoping with winter upon us I'll be spending more time inside, thus spending more time on actually working on the scrapbook. 

2. Increase the posting frequency on my blog to 2-3 times a week. 
I actually did pretty good with this one and was consistent with twice a week posting except for maybe one week. For all of you who post every day- I don't know how you do it! I'm working on getting my consistency up and hopefully posting closer to 3-4 times a week in the new year. I did find that by posting more often I actually came up with more post ideas instead of less making it a lot easier! 

3. Get involved in one way at church. 
So basically, didn't happen. Not for lack of trying, however. We did email our church and never heard back from them so we're going to shoot them another email in the New Year and see where we can help out! 

4. Be intentional about making connections and creating community. 
It's funny- once I posted this goal, I had a few friends from work reach out to me to see about hanging out. Throughout the course of the past couple of months I've enjoyed a couple movies with a new friend and a walk with another. The outings and new friendships developed were a huge blessing to me this fall and have made our most recent move a lot easier! 

5. Get ACLS and PALS certified. 
If you don't remember from my original post, these were goals related to work and something I'd wanted to do. I took both classes the week before Thanksgiving and spent a few weeks up to then studying! It was a long week full of exams and testing scenarios, but now I'm officially certified to save you and your child's life so there's that. 


I must admit, between hanging out with new friends, studying for my certifications, and blogging more frequently, I had a lot less time this fall! But I can't even tell you how good having goals was for me. 

I'm a goals person and always thrived on the structure that came with school- semesters and seasons were my jam and made me tick. Now graduated, it's been easy to let seasons slip away, yet hard to find a purpose for this current life stage. All this to say- creating seasonal goals is a good idea for me... be on the lookout for my goals in the new year! 

Did you set goals for the fall? How did they go? Are you a goals person or would you rather just take life as it comes? 
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  1. I'm sorry you never heard back from your church. Hopefully you can find a place to serve soon! And get started on that scrapbook. I have heard so many people who are either only halfway done or never even started.... and they've been married for years and years not. I forced myself to keep working on it so I could get it done! You will be glad you did :)

  2. Haha when I wrote the original goals you told me to get on my scrapbook because it's not going to make itself! I had those words echoing through my mind all fall (and continue to) so I promise it'll happen! I don't want to be married for ten years and be a couple that never started it so now you've scared me a little too :)

  3. Making new friends can be so difficult sometimes-- I'm so glad you had some people reach out :) What a blessing! Hopefully you'll get in the scrabooking mood and whip the scrapbook up in record time! I would say, do follow up with your church -- I can speak from our family that it is the busiest season right now, but volunteers ARE NEEDED, that's for sure! I organized volunteers for children's ministry at our last church, and there were always openings and needs to be filled! <3 Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. I'm definitely going to follow up because I've had friends that work in different ministries (a lot in the kids ministry like you) and they always talk about how there's a need. We'll see what happens :) thanks for reading girl! :)

  5. So great to see that serving made it into your Winter Goals! :) I'm so glad you are persistent!


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