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Five years ago when I was just starting college as a wide-eyed freshman in college, I decided to join our school's club tennis team. During one of the first practices I noticed this guy who seemed to have all my pre-requisites in someone I wanted to date: he was tall, he was blonde, and seemed nice enough (I had high standards you guys).

Things didn't fall into place as immediately as you'd think but about a year later we started dating. We dated through college and had the time of our lives.

Read our awesome adventure proposal below:

The Day I Never Saw Coming- Part 1

The Day I Never Saw Coming- Part 2

We were engaged for a busy, jam packed, and sometimes stressful senior year of college filled with graduations, licensing exams, and new jobs. But it all culminated with me marrying my best friend on the best day of my entire life.

My wedding day was no ordinary day (I know I know, every bride thinks that). But really there were a handful of things that led up to my wedding day and on my wedding day that were nothing short of miracles of God. I hope you'll read about them below.

My Wedding Miracle- Part 1

My Wedding Miracle- Part 2

My Wedding Miracle- Part 3

My Wedding Miracle- Part 4 

Now we are living happily ever after (sometimes happily, sometimes grumpily) in Denver figuring this whole marriage out. It's been a challenging and beautiful journey- one that I wouldn't change for the world.

I hope you'll stick around as we explore more about marriage and the beautiful plan God has for all of us.

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  1. I love your story and your blog as a whole. I too Im a nurse (and recently married!). So reading your posts helped me a lot as I could relate to a lot of them!! I'm a firm believer in God and I find your posts about faith to be quite refreshing in this world where values and morality seem to have ceased from existing. You should keep up your good nursing blog work!!! You're fantastic!!
    RN didi


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