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I'm a Girl... and I Don't Like Shopping

a story about a girl who hates to shop

There's something you should understand about me. I hate really don't like shopping. It doesn't matter what kind of shopping- I dislike it all. Grocery shopping is my most dreaded chore, clothes shopping makes me anxious just thinking about it, and any other shopping is only tolerable if there's a friend along for the ride. Or if there's shoes involved. 

I'm not sure if my disdain of shopping came from growing up around all boys and a mother who also hates shopping, growing up in a small town that boasted nothing more than a Wal-Mart and JCPenny for my shopping needs, or if I was just one of those people born to hate shopping. 

I don't like shopping because I don't like spending money

If you haven't caught on from my budget series yet, I love love love saving money. I'm a natural saver and I spend my days (literally) learning how to be a better steward of my money (AKA saving money and having a great budget). 

My natural saver instinct kicks in when I look at a bottle of lotion at Bath & Body Works only to find it's $12.50, or see a single shirt that costs $30. 

For this reason, I like thrift store shopping more than any other kind of shopping and am proud of the deals that I find there. In general, though, I find that it's easier on my saver soul if I just stay home... or only go shopping if I have gift cards. 

I don't like shopping because it creates major discontentment

This is perhaps the main reason I dislike shopping. I can get over the spending money part (and often do if something is a great deal), but when I'm out shopping, I often find myself discontent with what I already have. 

When I'm out shopping for clothes I often find myself wishing that I had a greater budget that would allow me to buy all the cute clothes I see. I'll try on clothes and immediately become discontent with the way I look- the way my huge granny hips spread out, or the way that I'll probably never have a flat stomach. I may have been feeling awesome after a recent run, but stepping into that dressing room almost immediately zaps me of any self confidence I once had. 

If I wander through Best Buy, Costco, or even Wal-Mart, I find myself wishing I had a new phone case or hoping for some bass-thumpin new headphones. Hobby Lobby creates in me a desire for a giant dispensable income to spend on home DIY projects. No matter where I go, shopping usually brings out the green monster in me, and it's something I don't like to see, so I try to avoid situations where it's most likely to rear its ugly head (i.e. shopping). Since I'm working on being content, I'll probably continue to stay out of the stores. 

I don't like shopping because it zaps my energy 

I don't know about you, but I am not one of those people that comes back from a huge shopping spree re-energized and ready to take on the world. I'm one of those people that comes home, collapses on the couch (usually without any purchases- see point #1), and feels totally worn out. 

Around Christmas time I come home, collapse on the couch, and thank the Lord that I didn't die driving from store to store (don't tell me Colorado is the only place with insane drivers around the holidays!). 

I love getting a good deal or a new item of clothing that I'm excited to wear, but I'm usually so pooped after a single shopping trip that I'll postpone another one for three months. Shopping is a draining activity for me so I really only do it when I have to. 

With all of the above being 100% true, there is one reason I do like shopping, and that's because 

Shopping is time with friends

I have long since realized that my disdain of shopping puts me in the vast minority of girls. When I got to college, it took me years (literally) to understand why on earth all of my friends liked to go shopping. Spending money and walking around for hours had never been on my list of fun things to do for the 18 years prior to arriving at college.

However, towards the end of college I started realizing that some of the best conversations I had with friends was while we were out shopping. Something about flipping through a rack of clothing causes a girl to open up and share her heart. I started enjoying shopping a little bit more because it meant time with friends and a time to connect. I still value shopping for this reason and I have learned to embrace all the extra walking as a little bit of exercise.


Shopping will likely never become one of my favorite things to do for the above reasons and because it's rarely on the to-do list of my testosterone loaded house (a husband and three brothers). I will say that I enjoy dreaming about different outfits and home items I could create, but the majority of those things may stay dreams.  If you're a friend reading this, I will definitely go shopping with you... maybe just not every time we hang out? 

Anyone else share my disdain for shopping? If you do like it, why do you like it? Do you have ideas on how I could dislike it less?


  1. i am with you 100%! i don't enjoy spending money or walking around endlessly. i hate when i need to buy some new clothes b/c it means shopping. i do like "window shopping" or just browsing with friends though. it's fun to look at stuff but you're right... it does cause discontentment easily!

  2. I don't like spending money at all, and I don't like shopping either. It stresses me out. I rarely buy new clothes or go to the mall because, like you said, I mostly just get sad that I don't have more $ to spend on stuff. However, about once a year I go to the outlet mall and have a lot of fun buying a few things! I always try to find good deals :) I do love shopping with friends too, but sometimes it's nice to just walk around the mall and shop by myself. I really have to be in the mood for it, but sometimes it's a lot of fun.

  3. I do love to shop but as I read your post, I think it is being with my friends that I love the most. There are a few places that I simply love to go to (Target being one) and look at what they have. Perhaps it's about finding a place you love to go and at a time that isn't too crazy. I'm no longer that fond of being at the mall at peak time.

  4. Ahhhh I agree- I hardly ever buy new clothes because it requires shopping. Window shopping can be fun though! :)

  5. I mostly get sad too. I must say I was impressed with your picture of all the stuff you got at the outlet mall the other day; sounds like you got some killer deals! And I hear you- if I'm actually needing to buy something I would way prefer to go by myself. I like hitting the thrift stores by myself :)

  6. Target is fun! That's one place that I really like but also one place where I get discontent because I like all the stuff I see! And I totally agree about not going at peak times. This past Christmas I decided I'm only doing online shopping next year because the stores were so crazy!

  7. So, I spent 2 hours at the outlet mall and got 1 pair of shoes, 2 pairs of leggings, 1 maxi skirt, 2 tops, and 1 scarf! I was proud of myself. It seriously is my once-a-year shopping splurge. It helped that I knew exactly what I was going there for, so I could shop quickly. It was also a beautiful day, and the outlet mall is an outdoor mall, so I enjoyed walking around, and it was one of those times when I enjoyed just shopping by myself
    *Amanda* | The Lady Okie Blog

  8. I have those same tendencies when it comes to shopping! I really used to hate shopping because I, too, am a natural saver. While my love for shopping has grown, I still hate dressing rooms because I hate how they make me look. But I still rationalize all of my purchases in my head (which is why I tend to shop the clearance racks still) and don't like to do too much shopping at once (I'm also not a crowd person!). :)

    But, I DO like shopping at certain stores, shop online here and there, and shop with my mom and sisters!

  9. Hmmm, how has your love of shopping grown? I'm curious :) And I completely rationalize all my purchases too. So fun that you can spend time with your mom and sisters while shopping! :)

  10. That's totally killer- I'm so impressed! Your outfit that you posted the other day looked way cute, so you definitely rocked out your once-a-year splurge! That's really nice when the malls are outside (as long as it's nice outside haha). I really want to find a maxi skirt but am afraid that it will make my hips look ginormous. What does yours look like??

  11. I don't know how much it's really grown as much as I find that it's more interesting that it used to be for me. I like seeing new trends and getting ideas for things that I like/don't like in style and since I lost weight, got a job, and really got a better sense into what I like/looks good on me, I've found that it's a little more fun that it used to be! :)

  12. It's the first maxi skirt I've ever bought! It's just a plain black one from Gap, and I feel like it looks pretty good. Doesn't make me look huge (or so I think...) It was like 60% off or something. I think it will be nice in the summer when I want to wear something comfortable but not like pants. I'll have to let you know! I know tons of people who swear by them.
    *Amanda* | The Lady Okie Blog

  13. Ooooo black is good because it'll go with everything and is slimming (says the fashionista inside me). Beka J is a huge fan of maxi skirts too and I've talked to her about them a little bit, I think I'll just need to jump on the train next time I see one that's affordable!

  14. Ahhh that definitely makes sense- I still feel like I'm struggling to figure out exactly what my style is, so maybe when I do, shopping will be more enjoyable :)

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