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Why I'll Die Before I'm 40... and other bad habits

I always joke (in a morbid nurse kind of way) that I'm going to die before I'm 40. Not because I have a death wish, but because I have a few habits that I can't seem to kick. Please read on and give me your best suggestions to help extend my life. 

I love hamburgers and fries with an undying passion. 
You guys, I love me a good fry and hamburger. It is honest to goodness my favorite food. Most of the time I'm enjoying salty fries and a greasy burger when I state "This will be what kills me before I'm 40" (because it will clog my arteries etc). (My habit worsened this past summer). Back in high school I decided to to give up fries for a year. Great idea right? I'll cut down on the bad calories, get rid of my craving, and exercise some self control. Wrong. Although I did make it the full year without fries, I binge-ate fries at every opportunity the entire next year. So now when I think about quitting my habit, I just remember the "binge days" and don't even bother trying. My mouth is watering as I type this right now, I have a serious problem. 

I fully believe in the validity of the 10 second rule. 
I'm a nurse. I took tons of science classes, including an entire semester on bacteria. But I'm pretty sure the 10 second rule is legit. I will pick things up off the floor, rinse them (sometimes), and eat/use them again. For those of you that just vowed to never come to my house for dinner, don't worry- I'm extra careful when I'm having guests over; I rinse the food twice. The only exception to this rule is if anything falls on the floor at the hospital. Anything and everything that touches a hospital floor must be thrown away immediately. There is no 10 second rule once you step inside the hospital. Good thing I haven't dropped my phone on the floor yet. 

A prank will backfire... badly. 
Many of you may not know this, but I love pranks, and I love April Fool's Day. My freshman year of college, I became famous because of April 1st. I could watch prank videos on youtube for hours on end (I may have already done that). I have a series of blog posts written for next month talking about my best pranks, my prank fails, prank ideas, and a prank that backfired just recently. Although the recent prank gone wrong didn't kill me, I think someone someday might. I've had a few close calls. 

I love thrill seeking- skydiving, parasailing, and base jumping; the more dangerous the better. 
No, I don't actually love thrill seeking. At all. I get scared going down a hill too fast on a mountain bike. I always wear a seat belt and come to a complete stop at all stop signs. The only thrill I seek is a double-double and animal style fries at In-N-Out.

How about you? Do you have any bad habits you need to kick? Are there any fellow hamburger lovers out there?
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  1. Um ... burgers are good and who cares if they are fat. I know that isn't the best advice but if they are eaten in moderation I see nothing wrong with them.

    Now ... if you tell me there are french fries with the fake cheese all over it ... BRING IT ON! I am an overall healthy eater but I just can hardly say no to those fatty fries. Dave keeps me balanced and doesn't let me binge on them all the time because I really would. Cookies and cheese fries and I'd be set for life (or death).

  2. Hahahaha YES! So glad I'm not alone! Everything in moderation is right- good thing you have Dave to help restrain you and I have my guilty conscience. My mouth is watering again...

  3. hahahahahaha this was such a funny post and i am on the SAME pages with all of these!!! fries and burgers, 10 second you have five guys out in colorado? it's our favorite burger place that we discovered on our honeymoon. also the unlimited amount of free peanuts to snack on before your food comes makes it an amazing place.

  4. GIRL. Five guys is my JAM. I seriously LOVE the place so much! There's another place out here that's like an In N' Out that makes my heart beat quick too. You're on the east coast-ish right? Have you ever had In N Out? SO glad to hear that you're a fan of the 10 second rule too- our kids are gonna have killer immune systems ;)

  5. I live just outside philadelphia and sadly have never been to in n out! It's on my bucket list tho. And that's what I say whenever I eat something questionable, I'm just like "WELLP, that'll build my immune system."

  6. I don't think I could give up fries for a year! I love them too much. Also, I am a huge believer in the 5-second rule! Maybe we'll die together eating a delicious Burger :)

  7. Giving them up for a year was a really bad idea, I don't recommend it. And that sounds like a great way to die, I'll take it :)

  8. Ahhh it's definitely bucket list worth! Although the style of burger is really different than 5 guys... I've heard of people liking one and not the other so just to give you fair warning. And that's exactly what I think when I eat something questionable. Rock solid immune systems in the house! :)


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