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Project 12: January

costco; date; selfie
(No, we definitely did not take a selfie in a Costco aisle. That's weird.)

In 2014, I read and looked forward to Project 12 posts- a series created by Amanda over at The Lady Okie Blog. Project 12 is basically a way to recap each month of the year in a fun way. Without further explanation, go ahead and see for yourself what Project 12 is all about. 


1. We drove up to the mountains one weekend to go snow shoeing at this place called St. Mary's Glacier. We'd been snow shoeing for about 45 minutes when we saw a ridge that we decided we wanted to ascend. Can I just say, that ridge was the most elusive thing ever? I kept thinking that I was getting close, and each time I looked up it seemed the exact same distance away. What I thought would be a quick 15-20 minute ascent, landed up taking another 45 minutes in freezing wind and blowing snow.

St. Mary's Glacier; Idaho Springs, Colorado
St. Mary's Glacier. The ridge we climbed to was to the right of this main peak. 

St. Mary's Glacier; Idaho Springs, Colorado
The view from the top. We didn't stay very long because the wind and blowing snow were intense.
I may or may not have had snot running down my face, said a few choice words, and almost quit before ascending the ridge. If it weren't for the husband pushing me on, I wouldn't have made it to the top. As awful as the ascent was the last 30 minutes (I pretty much felt like I was climbing Mount Everest), it was a fun day and we had the best BBQ when we came back down the mountain. 

smokin yards BBQ Idaho Springs, colorado
(I have a love affair with sweet potato fries).

2. One of the Christmas presents from our in-laws was a live escape game. If you've never heard of this, it's where you get locked in a room and have an hour to figure out how to get out. Need I say more?

the clue room centennial colorado; live escape game
(The whole family went as you try and escape as groups of 5 or 6).

3. Alex signed us up for a gym membership because they were having an awesome January deal (go figure), and I tried a wet sauna for the very first time. I know that all y'all who live in Florida experience the wet sauna feeling every time you walk out your front door, but it was a fun first experience for me. I was miserably dripping sweat for 20 minutes, but then felt relaxed when I left. Weird.

4. Lunch date to this awesome new Italian place. Thank you Groupon for expanding our food horizons.

Italian restaurant; lunch date


1. Our first frozen yogurt place in Denver! Other than them being out of cake batter (our favorite!), the place was delish. 

2. I am falling in love with yoga. I went to yoga classes at our new gym and they were so great. I'm neither flexible nor good at it, but it's a really good challenge and a nice change from running. The gym membership is probably ending after this month (too expensive without the January deal), so does anyone have any recommendations of good yoga videos to do at home??

3. Wet saunas. See point above.


streams in the desert, power thoughts, 31 days to becoming a happy wife, the joy of the gospel, run less run faster, pope francis, joyce myers

I'm currently reading my way through a lot of daily read type books-
-31 Days to Becoming a Happy Wife by Arlene Pellicane (this book is one of the best I've ever read on the subject of wife-hood/marriage).
-Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer (this is part of my winter goals)
-Streams in the Dessert by L.B. Cowman (I can't tell you how much I have been LOVING this daily devotional). 
-Run Less Run Faster by Bill Pierce, Scott Murr, and Ray Moss (I'll be honest- this is sort of a dense book with a lot of information so I read the principles and scanned the time charts).

-Getting Into Physician Assistant School (it's a light and chatty easy read. not.)
-The Uncommon Life by Tony Dungy (a daily devotional that he's enjoying!) 

-American Sniper (We both loved it; so much respect for those that protect our freedom.)
-Annie (so cute!)


1. Enjoyed the Bronco game with friends. Gotta get those guns showing.

denver broncos; game party

2. Wore my Colorado Avalanche shirt to work the Friday before the Broncos playoff game (instead of my Broncos gear). I'm pretty sure it's why they lost. 

colorado avalanche; nursing uniform

3. I made some lyric art; a project I had been dreaming about for a long time!

4. Had friends over to play Quelf- we had wanted to play this game with them for months and finally made it happen. Anyone else ever played it??

5. Finally started on my wedding scrapbook. I busted it out one afternoon, got overwhelmed after a couple of hours and haven't pulled it out since. I need to work up my courage to bring it out again.

wedding scrapbook page

What fun things did you do in January? Any yoga video recommendations or fellow Quelfers out there? 

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  1. So many fun things! We own Quelf. That game is crazy! I love your Costco selfie :) you need to get your scrapbook out again! Don't get overwhelmed. Just focus on one page at a time. You can do it!

  2. 1) yay for project 12!!! :) so glad you are doing this!

    2) snow shoeing?! i have never heard of that before! (i live in the south where there is no snow) but it sounds amazing (and cold)!!

    3) you can NEVER go wrong with sweet potato fries! never!

    4) i like the "discoveries" category & may borrow it :)

    5) i haven't seen American Sniper yet but really really want to so bad!

    6) i have been married for almost 2 years and am still working on my wedding scrapbook haha! maybe i'll finish it before year 5!

  3. we did! we are project 12 twins! :)

  4. Oh my gosh haha isn't Quelf the weirdest game ever? Sometimes we read the card and are like... um, what? We also have to be selective with which friends we play it with because I think some couldn't handle it. And I totally need to get the "one page at a time" mentality instead of "when can I have this finished and sitting on my coffee table?" mentality. I have a question for you that might be kind of weird- did you have all your pictures already printed out as you designed your pages? Or did you design the pages and plan which pictures you would use and then print them?

  5. Beka it totally is hard! It is SUCH a good workout every time we go! and I had no idea Lululemon offered some free online stuff- that would be great, I'll have to check into it! And I had NO idea that was Dave's degree! Crazy! He's been wanting to go to PA school for awhile, it's been kind of a long journey, I might shoot you a quick email about it! I'm glad I mentioned that book! :)

  6. Robyn did we both publish our project 12s today? *fist bump* I'm headed over to read yours! That's actually kind of crazy you've never heard of snow shoeing but i'm sure there's about a million southern things I've never heard of. It's really fun and a good way to get up into the snow if you don't ski or snowboard! I'm glad someone else loves sweet potato fries as much as I do, and I'm glad I'm not the only dragging my feet on my scrapbook. I hope you can see American Sniper soon, it was one of my favorite movies I've seen in a long time!

  7. I have to have the pictures all printed out before I can design the pages. That's the same way for my project life. I can't "see" the page without having the picture physically with me to move around and put on the page. You end up with extras you don't use, and sometimes I did have to reprint a larger size or make one B&W or something, but for the most part I had them all printed out before I started.

    *Amanda* | The Lady Okie Blog

  8. Ahhhh okay that's good to know. I'm having a hard time "seeing" my pages too and I think it's because I don't have the pictures in front of me. I bet if I print them, it'll be wayyy easier- thanks!

  9. That snow-shoeing trip sounds SO INTENSE. I'm impressed. And we just used a groupon for a local place that's been around for years, yet we had never been there. What a fun month you had!!

  10. Ahhhh Groupon is the best for getting you out of your rut! And the snow shoeing felt more intense than it probably was haha

  11. I'm in love with that photo from the top of the mountain. Beautiful!!! I love this project and may just have to try it starting in February!!

  12. Thank you Sheryl! It's one of my favorites too mostly because it's a reminder of what I want my life to look like. And you should do it- it's SO fun!


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