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Project 12: July

Project 12 is a monthly recap of our lives where I talk about dates, notable events, and other fun things. Summer is just flying by and am I the only one that can't believe it's August already?? 


1. Arizona! Going to a resort in Phoenix, Arizona has become a yearly tradition with my husband's family. We went the first week of July and it did not disappoint. It was a week full of reading, relaxing by the pool, naps, and water volleyball. We also gave In-N-Out business err'day. If you have never taken a relax and do nothing vacation, I highly recommend it. It was a much needed break from real life and responsibilities, and we came back refreshed and ready to take on our busy month! 

{This is 90% of what I did on vacation}

{This is the other 10% of what I did on vacation} 

{I think cacti are beautiful!}

2. Camping! Camping in a certain reservoir of Colorado has become a yearly tradition with my family. We rent a boat, go fishing on the lake, spend time around the campfire, and enjoy each other's company. The extra special part of this camping trip is that we went with my parents and my Mom and Dad took it upon themselves to bring all the food and cook most of the time. Can I just say how glorious that was? You don't truly understand the work that goes into camping until your parents aren't doing it for you. 

{I just love this picture of my hubby!}

{It doesn't get more perfect than this}

3. Girl camping. A fellow nurse friend and I both had a random Monday off and decided to go camping. It was the first time that I've done a quick camping trip with a friend like that. When we got to our camp site, we had a blast opening her new fancy tent and exploring all the features it came with, including the collapsible rain flaps. We opened said rain flaps and forgot about them for the next few hours. Over the next few hours we finished setting up camp and cooking dinner over the fire. It was pouring rain almost the entire time and when we finally finished our dinner, we were chilled to the bone and looking forward to our dry tent and clothes. Except... we had forgotten to close the rain flaps and we climbed in the tent only to find two lakes of water on either side. The water had wet part of our bedding and clothes, but there was enough dry stuff that we decided to stick it out the night. We both later admitted that had things been any more wet we would have suggested packing up and heading home. Despite the rain fiasco, we had a great time and would do it again. Moral of the story- DON'T leave your rain flaps open. 

{#selfiewin. Our tripod was the chair}

{It rained and rained. And rained.}

4. Girl time. I was able to bring dinner to my sweet friend who just had the most precious baby. I got to hold her sweet little girl for three hours and loved every minute of it. I will always and forever accept invitations to come snuggle little ones. I was also able to catch up with my old college roommate; we hiked, ate lunch, and shopped a little bit. If you're wondering how good of a shopper I am, just head on over here to find out.
{My former college roommate}

5. Spaghetti Factory. This is probably one of our favorite places to go to dinner, and I've mentioned it before. However, this month was different because I  found out that they are no longer serving my favorite dish. I'm not sure if this is happened to you but it's quite devastating news. It also happened to fall on a day that had been filled with a lot of stress and tears, so it was bad timing. We might be going there less now. How do I get my favorite menu item added back on? Anyone? 

{Downtown Denver during our date}


1. Alex's first interview for Physician Assistant school. I can't even tell you guys HOW notable this event was. He has dreamed of becoming a PA for over 5 years now, and has worked tirelessly pursuing this dream. Interviewing for acceptance into schools is a step  he has never reached before, and we are praying that it yields fruit. He has 3 more interviews in the next month (that we know of)... if you think of us would you pray? Pray for his actual interviews, and wisdom for us as a couple to be able to make the decisions we need to make. 

{The morning he left. His shirt is for a team in Albuquerque, NM which is where his interview was}

2. I planned my very first bridal shower and bachelorette party. I have never done this; I've only watched my mom plan about a dozen baby showers and helped plan a couple bridal events but I've never been the one in charge. All I can say, is MAJOR PROPS to all y'all who are good at it and enjoy it (Mom, I'm talking to you). While I was honored to be in the spot where I plan everything, it was also a lot of hard work and something that I'm not really made for. That being said, I'm pretty proud of how everything turned out, and knowing my friend enjoyed her weekend made it all worth it (look for a post recapping the events in the next couple weeks). 

{The beautiful bride}

3. The fulfillment of a dream I've had since I'm 15 years old happened this month. I can't tell you what it is yet, but I'll hopefully be making the official announcement in the month of September. I'll be announcing it on Facebook and Instagram first, so follow me there if you're not already. Sorry to leave you hanging, but I promise it's exciting news and will be worth the wait. 


1. The ability to make a decision is vital. And I'm not talking about whether you want pizza or pasta for dinner. I'm talking decisions that affect other people and life changing decisions. I'm currently reading "The Best Yes" by Lisa TerKeust (more on this book next month), and it is so good because it addresses how as women we are often unable to be decisive. She explains how this impacts our lives, our walks with the Lord, and more importantly examines how to be in a position to make good and godly decisions. As I planned the bridal shower and bachelorette parties, I was forced to be the decisive one. This put me considerably out of my comfort zone, but also reinforced the lessons I'm learning in my book. I was also forced to make a life changing decision during the middle of the month in a relatively short amount of time. Had I not been reading this book, spending time in the Word, and seeking godly counsel, this decision would have been a lot harder to make. 

{Time with Jesus at the airport}



Max. This Disney movie is about a soldier's dog who is taken out of active duty and has a hard time adjusting to a regular life. It was one of those lovely feel good movies (thanks Disney), that had a sweet story line. At the end of the movie they explained all the roles that dogs have played in our military throughout the years- it was really interesting to learn about all of it. If you're looking for a solid family friendly movie to watch with your kids or spouse, this is the one. 


Rescuing Ruby by Linny Lee Saunders. This was by far my favorite book in a long time- I read it in less than 24 hours! The author is the wife of the pastor that pastored at a church I went to in high school, and the story details the miraculous rescue of their youngest daughter, Ruby. When Linny's husband, Dwight, and daughter, Emma, discovered Ruby on a missions trip to Uganda, she was 13 months old and weighed only six pounds. Six pounds you guys. Many newborns are six pounds or even more. Everything that is known about medicine to this day said that this little girl should not have survived, yet today she is a thriving toddler that is hardly recognizable from her first picture (the cover on the book). This story tells of the power of God and will inspire your own journey to a deeper faith and a stronger prayer life. I could hardly recommend a book more- order your own copy on Amazon

{This is one of the few books that I've actually purchased. I'm more of a library gal.}

The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jaime Ford. This is a historical fiction novel recommended to me by a friend at work. Historical fiction is usually not my thing but the captivating story about a Chinese boy and his love for a Japanese girl (something that was strictly looked down upon at the time) kept me interested. I learned a lot about the tensions that were around in the time of World War II, and there was just enough romance and suspense to keep the book moving along at a good pace. If you're one for historical fiction or just a good romance, this one is for you. 

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman. This book was recommended to me by a coworker and is the true story of a young Hmong girl, her experience with American doctors, and the clash of two cultures. The young girl, Lia, was diagnosed with epilepsy at a very young age and was subsequently in and out of the hospital most of her life. In the Lia's Hmong culture, seizures were viewed as a holy experience in which she encountered gods and other spirits; essentially, her seizures were a privilege. Lia's doctors prescribed medications to stop her seizures, but her parents wouldn't give the medication as directed because seizures were seen as a good thing. This book details the drastic collision of cultures, and gave me a completely new perspective on providing culturally competent care. If you're in the medical profession, I can't recommend this book enough because it shows you how going the extra mile to understand a patient's culture will make a difference. In Lia's case, it was the difference between life and death.  

Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan. This is a true story about the author, Susannah, and the month where she went mad. She went from a successful woman in her twenties to being completely delusional in a short time. The period of delusions lasted for well over a month, and the author remembers none of it. Through interviews with her doctors, family, and looking through her own medical records, Susannah recreates her story of diagnosis and recovery from a rare autoimmune disorder. I loved this book- it was fascinating, and the part I found the most interesting was that I had a patient with the same diagnosis as the author. Susannah's case was not diagnosed quickly and, as a result, spent three years before she was fully recovered. My patient was diagnosed within a week and was out of the hospital (completely normal and recovered) a week later. Even if you're not a medical person, this is a fascinating read. 


I'm so very thrilled for my blogger friend and her big news

The thought and post by a dear blogger friend about how we need to be more interruptible. Meaning that we need to slow down, and look for the opportunities to be Jesus to those around us. I know I'm guilty of always rushing around, and the thought of "being more interruptible" has stuck with me. 

We use credit cards, and I'm actually a big fan of them... IF (and that's a big if), you know how to use them right. My friend Amanda shared some great tips for using credit cards without going into debt.

By far my most popular and shared post ever was published this month. I wrote a letter to the parents of my patients and it was one of those posts that I wrote in just minutes. It's truly from the heart and something that I think about every day and wish all my patients' parents knew. 

How was your July? Is making decisions easy or hard for you? 

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