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Why won't my pee go down the toilet?!

It is now March which means that one of my favorite holidays of the year is coming up on April 1st. For as long as I can remember, my family has been playing pranks on each other and generally spending most of our time laughing. A lot. I talked about some of our family shenanigans in this post

I do get that some people don't like being pranked. I'm not in favor of pranks that hurt people, and yes I have crossed that line. But I also think that some people just need to lighten up. Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing some stories... my most famous pranks, pranks gone wrong, and some of my favorites for you to try. I hope you'll get some ideas to make this April Fool's Day special, or at the very least have a little laugh. 

One of my most favorite April Fool's Day was back in high school when I still lived at home. This particular April Fool's day I had a complete arsenal of booby traps set in my house. Unfortunately, for my Dad he was the recipient of most of them (bad timing?).

It all started that morning when my Dad stumbled to the bathroom half awake. I, of course, was already wide awake standing a few feet outside the door. I heard my dad in the bathroom as he started to pee and all of a sudden I hear him yell, 
"Debra {my mom's name}, won't my pee go down the toilet?!" 
I dropped on the floor just dying laughing. My mom responded with a very confused and groggy "What??" By this time, my Dad had woken up a little bit more and squatted down closer to the toilet.

He realized his pee wasn't going down the toilet because there was a very thin, hard to see layer of plastic wrap covering the toilet. It's nearly impossible to tell that it's there if you're half asleep and standing over it.

Plastic wrap = pee that bounces and doesn't go down the toilet.

Once my Dad realized what had happened, he, my mom, and I all just about died laughing. It wasn't even 8 am and this April Fool's Day was off to a good start.

Ladies, this one is totally killer if you've got a guy in the house. I think girls would feel the plastic once they sat down but it works on almost every man. Just be willing to clean up the pee on the floor after  {I play pranks but I fully accept consequences including cleanup and retaliation pranks on me}.

Has anyone ever tried this prank? Do you hate or love April Fool's Day? 
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  1. This is hilarious! Definitely the laugh I needed this morning!

  2. ahh yes!! My brothers used to do this to me! This is too funny - I had no idea where you were going with this post!!!

  3. bahahaha!!!! i am so going to do this to my husband! but i really REALLY don't want to clean it up! haha

  4. BRILLIANT. SO GLAD YOU SHARED THIS! i am absolutely going to prank my husband (altho i'd probably have to clean our toilet before i could get all up in its BIDDNESS to put plastic wrap in there!). my lamest/favorite prank was putting lotion on the underside of my brother's cereal spoon (as i stood there offering him a ready-made bowl of cereal. i was one crafty 12-year-old. not).

  5. Hahaha Julie that made me laugh.. at first I was like what would that do? Then I got it... did he fall for it? If you do it to your hubby PLEASE let me know how it goes! haha :)

  6. Haha Robyn the cleanup is the hardest part of this one. Maybe he'll realize it pretty soon and stop before it's too big of a mess :) Let me know how it goes if you do land up doing it! :)

  7. Caroline really?! Did it work?? I've always wondered if it would work with girls. Like I mentioned in my post, I've always figured that girls would be able to feel the plastic wrap when they sat down.

  8. So glad it could give you a laugh! Thanks for commenting and stopping by! :)

  9. Oh my word! This is crazy but funny. I have never heard of this and to be honest I'd probably forget and run into the bathroom and then be the victim of my own prank.

    One year I made my 6th grade teacher cry on April 1st. I never intended for that to happen but it did and it was awful.

  10. Haha you'd forget?? That's too funny. How did you make your teacher cry??

  11. Well, I hid her main teaching book and markers.

    My classmates, before the teacher got to class, turned the lights off and locked the door. We already knew she HATED when students did that. I tried to stop that from happening but it was too late. She was already at the door.

    Well ... she was upset and finally got let in to her own class. She said she was going to put people's names on the board who did this but um ... there were no markers anywhere to be found. Then she was REALLY upset and said that we would just do class work instead BUT her book was also no where to be found.

    Then she started crying and had to leave the room. It really was meant to be funny but I felt so bad that we hurt her feelings. I don't think it would have been as bad if the other students wouldn't have locked her out.

    Anyways, it definitely went wrong.

  12. Oh my gosh that's so sad! But I agree it seemed like yours was mostly the last straw and not necessarily the worst part of the prank. I've had a couple pranks go wrong and I always feel pretty awful about it :(


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