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Where is that water coming from??

I have a special spot in my heart for April Fool's Day and am sharing some of my own experiences with pranks in hopes that you'll laugh and maybe get ideas for yourself. 


After my Dad's fiasco with the toilet, my Mom walked downstairs unknowingly about to become the next subject to my schemes. She went to the sink to wash her hands before she started making breakfast. She flipped the faucet on and was greeted with water spraying straight at her stomach. She was startled and immediately shut the faucet off which stopped the water. She looked all around her (including up at the ceiling) and bellowed, 

"Where is that water coming from?" 

She wasn't fully awake yet, so she turned the faucet back on and was greeted with yet another stream of cold water. She shut the faucet off again, looked around once more and noticed her booby trap. 

You see, our sink (like many of yours). has a sprayer. If you put a rubber band around the base of the sprayer, it will automatically spray the person who turns the faucet on. This is probably my all-time favorite prank because, unless you're super observant, it works almost every time. I've been pranked with this one myself- it's classic and SO funny. The sink in our newest apartment doesn't have a sprayer- I noticed it when we toured the apartment and I've been bummed ever since. Oh well. 

One of you will just have to pull the prank for me on your own sink. Just don't do it if whoever is on the receiving end of the water is wearing something nice :) 

Have you ever pranked someone with this? Or gotten pranked by it?

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  1. I love that you love pranks so much! That's awesome. This sounds like something I should try, but I would wind up forgetting and spraying myself!

  2. Depending on the prank, I do find them funny. I just don't think far enough ahead to plan. Plus, I totally don't have a poker face!

  3. Oh yes!! We have done this to my mom SEVERAL times ;)

  4. we have a sprayer & i am going to do this to my husband tonight! hahaha i can't wait til April 1st! of course... watch me forget and use the sink and spray myself... that would happen!

  5. Hahaha I can say that's never happened to me because I'm always SO excited to pull the prank that I can't forget. Maybe you could put like a giant red bowl upside down in the sink or something else weird like that to remind yourself :)

  6. Haha I hear you Sheryl- my poker face is lousy so if I can get pranks done earlier in the morning when everyone is still half asleep ;)

  7. Hahaha Robyn if you're like me you won't forget cuz you'll be too excited about it! Did you do it?? I would love to hear how it went!

  8. haha! i was so worried he wouldn't actually use the sink for anything i had to come up with an excuse for him to use it. so then... i waited til he was walking in the kitchen & got out my phone to video it! (unfortunately he was in his boxers... so i can't post it lol) i got to witness right when he was jumping back from it spraying him. then he kinda acted like nothing happened (knowing i must be watching) trying to come up with something to say... then eventually turned around laughing! hahaha then we laughed off & on for the rest of the night about it! thanks for that! :)

  9. Yayyyy!!! I'm so glad it turned out to be something you all could laugh about! That makes me happy :) and too bad he was in his boxers that sounds hilarious 😂


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