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I Believe

things I believe; standing on a mountain

On a lighter note, I believe... 

  • That if you hate April Fool's Day, you need to lighten up a little bit. 
  • In giving anyone and everyone Zofran (Zofran is an anti-nausea medication). Me and puke don't mix well. Ever.  
  • There's no such thing as forgetting to eat. If you forget to eat, then you really need to get less-busy. I love food, so I've clearly never had this problem. 
  • On the note of food, my love for hamburgers and fries is why I'll be dead at 40
  • Crutches are from the devil (personal experience here talking). 
  • Serving chicken and rice at a wedding is criminal (yes, I know it happens all the time). You realize your paying $30 a plate for two foods that are daily staples in most third world countries?
  • No smile pictures are for losers. My Dad is one of these losers. I told him before my wedding that he better smile and his response was, "I'm not smiling for no damn wedding!" He loves me, promise. 

On a more serious note, I believe... 

  • That God is sovereign over all things. This means that I believe that everything happens for a reason, and I mean everything. 
  • That there are miracles happening all around us, we just need to notice them. Every child that is born, is a miracle. Statistically speaking, every time you get into a car and get to your destination safely, that's a miracle. I recently pinned this on Pinterest and couldn't agree more. 
  • That there needs to be a lot more talk about unity and a lot less theological debate in the church. 
  • In second chances and do-overs. We all mess up, and we all deserve a second chance. 
Linking up with Amanda @ The Lady Okie Blog and Megan @ Semi-Charmed Kind of Life for the "I Believe" Link-up! 

What do you believe? Serious or funny, share below!

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  1. more unity, less theological debate - yes, yes yes!!

  2. I love all your serious ones! I tried to throw a serious one in there too. At church we've been talking a lot about evangelism, and I'm all "I need to share the Gospel more on my blog!" But how to do that without sounding like a crazy Christian... :) Also, that's funny about the chicken and rice at weddings. I've never thought about that before, but it's kind of true. We had pasta at ours... this italian place catered and it was goooood.

  3. I agree it can be hard to do without sounding like a crazy Christian :O I think you do it well though! And yeah most people don't think about chicken and rice but I'm like people that's what I ate every single day when I lived in Guatemala and now you're telling me it's considered a fancy dinner? :p pasta is a great choice, yummmmm

  4. These are so great! And I also don't understand the no smile pictures... makes no sense at all to me!

  5. Right Lisa?? Like if only they knew how much BETTER they looked if they smiled!

  6. Thanks for linking up! I love how you split yours into "lighter" and "serious" beliefs. :)

  7. Love your post! Agreed about Zofran. I rarely smile in pictures. I guess I am a loser. :)

  8. More unity and more respect for others, please, and thank you!

  9. Respect- YES! I completely agree, that's what should accompany all debate and discussion :)

  10. Love this! I'm right there with you in regards to french fries! And yes, it is a miracle when we get to our destination safely. Miracles surround us everyday!

  11. Isn't zofran a miracle drug? Zofran/phenergan haha. And you do too smile, I saw it in your other picture ;)

  12. Exactly! We just have to pay attention to them. Glad I have another fry lover in the house :)

  13. I was never a huge fan of April Fools Day till I moved to Sweden and their journalists tradition of fake stories that are so absurd they are bound to make you laugh!

  14. it didn't feel right to have all of one or the other haha :) Thanks for hosting, it was fun! :)


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