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What Memorial Day means to me

I don't remember where I was when it clicked... when I realized that there were thousands of men and women putting their lives in danger... For me. 

I don't know them and they don't know me, yet their choice of loyalty allows me to live every day in freedom. 

Memorial Day is a chance to remember these heroes, to remember their sacrifice. 

Their choice to serve means that you and I can wake up and go to work, church, ball games, and restaurants without fear. 

We can choose our friends, work to a different social status, get a college education, church "shop", and strive for the American dream.

And {often silently} holding up the promise of this American dream is a man or woman, sweltering in the high temperatures of the desert spending nights away from their spouse, and missing their child's first milestones. 

Remembering their sacrifice has spurred me to help in what ways I can. It has motivated me to pray, thank service men and women I see in person, and get involved with an awesome organization called Soldier's Angels. 

Through this organization you can sign up to send care packages or letters. Several years ago, I signed up to be on the letter writing team. I choose how many names I want and what day of the week I want them posted. I get a name, an address, and branch of the military, and each week I write a letter. I talk about happenings back home and thank them for their sacrifice. Even though the letters are from a complete stranger, many have written me back saying how thankful they are for the note and encouragement. If you have an extra half hour or so a week, this is a super easy way to get involved and support our service men and women. {Please please please comment or email me with any questions you might have about getting involved with this great organization!}

(My friend Carolyn and I with a couple of our 
letters sent to troops)

Regardless of whether you have time  and/or resources to work with an organization like Soldier's Angels, we can all pray. Pray for the safety of those on the front lines. Pray for the spouses who constantly worry about their loved one's safety. Pray for the kids who may or may not understand why daddy or mommy isn't around. And pray for the families who have lost a loved one who was protecting our freedom. 

To me, this Memorial Day is a time to remember... 

Those that have laid down their lives in protection of my freedoms. 

Those that are currently spending weeks, months, and years away from their family to ensure that this Sunday I can go to church where I want without fear. 

Those families that battle daily right  along with their service man or service woman to ensure that I wake up every day in freedom. 

My hope is that we remember their sacrifice every day, not just one day a year, and always keep in mind that our freedom isn't really free. 

To all those who are serving or have served, and to all your families... thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sacrifice and dedication to this country. 

What does Memorial Day mean to you? 
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