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I'm so glad you've stopped by my little corner of the world here at Sometimes Photojenik.

I write this blog from the beautiful mountains of Colorado and get a view like the picture up above on a daily basis. Here at Sometimes Photojenik I hope you'll find inspiration for your life, marriage, walk with God, journey with money, and I hope you leave having laughed or smiled.

You can start by getting to know me or maybe by reading about how my boyfriend proposed to me as we were suspended by ropes over a deep canyon .

If you like a good love story, I think you'll enjoy reading about my wedding miracle .

Some other favorites around here include:

Pediatric Nurse: How I do what I do

Adoption: When church made me cry

I'm a "real" nurse... well kind of

If you like what you see I hope you'll stick around and follow along using any of the buttons below!
Please say hi, shoot me an email or otherwise- I love meeting new people and hearing YOUR story!

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  1. Just a heads-up, your proposal link is to the mobile page. Just remove the ?m=1 from the url, and it will be the regular link.


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