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That one time I put food in my hair... on purpose

So my hair has seemed really dry lately and I wanted to see if I could try and revive it. I had seen some ideas for a hair mask on Pinterest (and of course everything on Pinterest is a great idea), so I thought I'd try one. 

Now a hair mask is where you take a bunch of food that you would normally put in your mouth, mash it all up, and put it in your hair instead. I can't decide if it's brilliant or a waste of delicious food.

After extensive research (AKA 5 minutes on Google) I chose to do a banana and avocado mask (1/2 avocado and 1 ripe banana). 

I chose to do this particular mask for several very scientific reasons

1. I had an avocado
2. I had a banana

So I began by blending it all together. At this same time I put a warm towel on my head- I read somewhere that this helps open up the hair follicles. {I guess helping the food later ooze into my scalp? Not sold on this theory.}

Then I proceeded to mix the green sticky mess into my hair and ended up with it looking like this. 

Shower caps are for poor people who steal them from hotels (never done it myself), so I went with the high class spa option and used a plastic grocery bag and headband instead. I left the mashed food in my hair for 30 minutes.

I then hopped in the shower and spent the next 30 minutes rinsing out food from my crazy thick hair. 

I wish I had a beautiful "after" picture to show, but I don't. But I did make a pro and con list of my first experience with a hair mask.

1. It gave me something to do besides clean the house
2. My hair had the faint smell of bananas

1. I didn't really notice a difference. I've read up a little more on the mask and I think I need to add a couple more ingredients (i.e. olive oil and/or honey)
2. My hair had the faint smell of bananas... for 3 days. 

I wouldn't call this particular endeavor a success. 

BUT I'm willing to put food in my hair again if it gives me red-carpet-worthy-hair. 

Anyone had luck with a DIY hair mask? Do tell your food-in-hair secrets!

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  1. After reading this I decided to try my own man hair mask. I am currently mixing diesel fuel, barbecue sauce, and Budweiser beer in equal parts. I am going to leave it in for five hours and if this doesn't work I guess I will have to buy some shampoo.

  2. Wow yours sounds way better and way more legit than mine. Let me know how it works cuz Budweiser, BBQ sauce, and diesel sounds way cheaper than a bottle of shampoo anyway!

  3. This is too funny! I loved your selfies. A lot of people put coconut oil on their hair (ends only, not scalp!) I've done it before. Oh and people do egg washes. I haven't tried that one yet but might some day!

    1. Beka- How did the coconut oil work for you? I kept seeing that one pop up, i just didn't do it because I didn't have any coconut oil handy, but maybe it'd be worth a shot!

  4. Hehe :D It's always so great to hear real-life posts! Thanks for sharing your experiences! I found your blog from the Oak and Oats link-up :) I haven't done any hair masks, but I had a friend do an egg one -- and I learned, it is better to warm the eggs a bit! ;)
    Mitchael Journey

    1. Andrea- that is too funny, i will keep that in mind if i do an egg one. I can only imagine what resulted :O thanks for stopping by! :-)


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