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I think laughter is the best medicine.

Most people in my life would probably agree that I laugh too much, too often, and too loud. 

But I do it anyway because it really does make me feel better, and if you can find humor in life then you'll be that much better off. I'm a HUGE fan of pranks (look for some upcoming posts detailing some of my best ones), and sometimes I struggle getting along with people that don't have a sense of humor. 

I find a lot of things and people funny. My husband cracks me up, my entire family is hilarious (I think pranking is genetic), and my kiddos at work can be especially hilarious. 

I hope that when you visit my blog you can laugh once or twice. Or a bunch of times.
(If you don't laugh then maybe just force yourself to get out a giggle or something just so we can avoid one of those awkward "ya had to be there moments")

Some of the funniest: 

 photo TNmostimportantthingdadtaughtme.png       photo TNwhatIreallywanttobewhenIgrowup.png        photo TNhalloweencostumefails.png          photo imarealnurseTN.png       photo why wont my pee TN.png INSERT 1 HERE INSERT 2 HERE INSERT 3 HERE INSERT 4 HERE

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